• Even though Hall of Fame rules state that a player must be retired for five years before he can be inducted, Rogers Hornsby received 105 votes during the inaugural year of 1936-one year before he retired.

• Rogers is the only right-handed hitter in the 20th century to hit .400 in three seasons.

• In 1922, Hornsby became the first National Leaguer ever to hit 40 home runs in a season.

• In only his second season as the player/manager, Rogers led the Cardinals to defeat the New York Yankees four games to three in the 1926 World Series.

• Rogers’ career .358 batting average is the highest by a right-handed hitter in the history of Major League Baseball.

• Hornsby is the only player in history to average a .400 batting average over a 5 year span (1921-25).

• Rogers’ .424 batting average in 1924 is the highest mark in the National League in the 20th century.

• In 1918 Hornsby hit .281, the first and only time as a regular that his batting average would dip below .300 in a season.